SmallRig 220 Series LED Lights Review in 2023

SmallRig 220 Series LED lights are equally for both video and static work. Photographers and filmmakers appreciate the flexibility and construction of these lights.

SmallRig 220 Series LED Lights Review

If you’re confused whether you should invest in this product, read this review to make a conscious decision.


  • 5600K CCT
  • Ideal for vlogging and video production
  • Adds power supply, reflector, and zipped bag
  • Output: 98,700 lux at 3.3′
  • 9 preset rare effects
  • Battery power or AC
  • Built-in display screen on the fixture displays remaining power, brightness, wireless frequency, AC power supply, and FX mode
  • Bowens S Accessory Mount
  • App & onboard control
  • Fan cooled
  • Barrier-free 270° tilt adjustment
  • TLCI 96 | CRI 95
  • A built-in umbrella hole

SmallRig 220 Series Features


The profile is similar to other monolight-like COB LED lights, with a boxy, stylized, and compact form factor. As opposed to other monolight LEDs, these deliver more power and have a more compact profile.

There is a traditional mount on the bottom. It securely locks, supports tilting, and also supports an umbrella from the mount.


Shifting to the front of the light, the front displays a Bowens compatible mount. It is decent to know that SmallRig employs an industry standard mount. And if you are unaware of Bowens mount, it is equal to an Arca-Swiss tripod mount. They professionally support flawless attachment just by twisting the modifier. Not to mention that they have an in-built lock.


The SmallRig 220 Series LED lights don’t skimp on accessories. The box comes with a high-quality branded light bag, with superior accessories. There is a zippered pouch on the top, enabling the storage of diffusion material or gels.


There is also a plastic protector for the LED, and foam for protecting the reflector. A 20-feet long power cord, with the brick portion situated halfway down the cable length is present. The brick isn’t lightweight or small, but it is smooth. However, it doesn’t come with any mounting option.


Its fixture showcases an XLR power input connector, which allows you to fuel it through a user supplied 14.4V battery via D-Tap to 3-pin XLR cable from a professional battery having a capacity over 150Wh. Alternatively, the package includes 12 to 30 VDC wide-range power supply.

Output Specs

A controllable intensity of 1-100% output with separate steps are available. Lesser alternate modes are given due to white light output. Two models offer 9 lighting effects (breathing, simulating flash bulbs, fireworks, paparazzi, flames, lightning, TVs, faulty bulbs, and parties), while the B model supports color temperature adjustment.

Apart from the plethora of accessories, there is a metal reflector, which is known as the hyper-reflector. Although this is a branded buzzword for a traditional reflector, it’s still amazing. The 220 models can throw exceptional light with the mounted reflector. For instance, the 220D rates for 8,700 lux, while the 220B puts out 84,500 lux.

Output Specs

With these specs, a 400 square foot room can be illuminated with just this source. Directed on a subject, users can bathe the room in superior light, even through a dense modifier. Here are the details of its light metrics:

1. CCT

Have you manually set white balance? Then CCT might be a familiar term for you, with the color temperature referring to how “cool” or “warm” the light is. With a lower color temperature, the warmer lights (for example 2700K), can illuminate like an old incandescent bulb. On the other hand, the 5600K is industry standard for “daylight.”

Its B model is fixed to 6500K for cooler shade, whereas the D model can reach 200K. 


These terms stand for television lighting consistency index and color rendering index. Both CRI and TLCI are similar and they look at how the light reproduces particular shades compared to a traditional man-made source or daylight.

A decent TLCI or CRI of 90 or higher means that the light will loyally represent the shades in your scene. In this scenario, the SmallRig 220 models are rated quite high, with a TLCI of 99, and a CRI of 97-99.


Both lights are a breeze to use. Simply plug the added AC adapter to the wall and attach the XLR-like plug to the light. These simple steps are sufficient to employ the lights. In case you have bought the individual V-mount battery adapter, the arrangement will be the same, just rather through battery power.

It is especially good to have this battery option, as it offers immense flexibility. If you sometimes shoot in a place without lighting plugs or in the field, try to buy this accessory. After powered, working on the lights is easy. The flip switch on the back controls the on and off function. Two other dials control effects and CCT.

Remote Control

After the light is rigged up, it’s complex to access the different controls. Luckily, the light is compatible with an app-based control through the SmallGoGo app. This is the official lighting control app by SmallRig.

Pairing is not too intuitive as your smartphone needs to be in Bluetooth range and on Bluetooth too. Afterwards, from the Add Equipment page, light is switched on manually. Press and hold down the reset button for the light to showcase on the equipment page.

Remote Control

Some users might find the login step to be frictional, but after you’re logged in, the app operates smoothly. Adjustments immediately convey to the light, and it’s a breeze to dial in particular settings. The addition of remote control in this price point is great.


As consistent lights are always generating heat, they demand an active cooking solution, such as a heatsink or a tiny fan. The 220 models copes nicely with heat owing to their polycarbonate and aluminum body. Plus, an active cooling system is activated once the lamp body goes beyond 140°F.

The active cooler makes no sound, with a 25dB rating at 3 feet. In simple words, whether you’re employing the light in a photo studio or in a video, you won’t have to worry about noise pollution on the set.

Final Verdict

The SmallRig 220 Series LED lights are more robust than the predecessor and amazingly valuable for professional grade videography and photography applications with a precise color temperature control. Although the light is not ideal or packed with plenty of bells and whistles, it is lightweight, tiny, portable, and can be fueled via the battery or directly through the outlet.

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