Best DSLR Brands For Videography & Photography in 2024

Best DSLR Brands For Videography & Photography

Whether you’re a professional, hobbyist, or a beginner, DSLRs are a superior camera option for photographers. Although most brands are hooked on making the finest mirrorless models, best-in-class DSLRs still take advantage from an extensive battery life, superb handling, and huge sensors. These are the reasons why DSLRs are ideal for anyone. It is the … Read more

Canon 80D vs 90D: Exploring the Upgrades

Canon 80D vs 90D

Two popular Canon cameras, 80D and 90D were rolled out in 2016 and 2019. These DSLR models contain an APS-C sensor, and are 3 years apart. The 90D model shows 32.3 MP as opposed to the 80D’s 24 MP resolution. After introducing the Canon EOS 80D in 2016, the manufacturer realized it was time for … Read more