How to Use Your Digital Camera as a Webcam: Unlocking Versatility

Do you wish to learn the art of converting the digital camera into an active webcam? Today’s guide will show how to use digital camera as webcam. We have shared instructions for the following cases:

  • Employing the HDMI output on the digital camera with a capture device
  • Using webcam software and a USB connection

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Is It Possible to Employ a Camera As a Webcam?

Yes, it is possible to utilize a standard digital camera as a webcam. However, not all cameras allow this. In order to make this possible, the camera needs to have the following:

  • An HDMI port that outputs entire video without any on-screen display (OSD) details
  • Or a webcam software from the camera’s brand and a USB port

If your digital camera falls into any of these categories, then you’re free to utilize the gadget as a webcam. Some cameras come with both an HDMI output and a USB port. This enables users to pick the method of output you want to use. Remember that cameras without any output, the HDMI output, and the basic webcam software are not appropriate for webcam.

Equipment Needed for Using Your Camera As a Webcam

Both software and some gear is required to achieve this. However, the exact required items depend on whether you are employing an HDMI output or a USB connection to outsource video.

Go through this list to know more:

Tripod or Mount

The appropriate mount or tripod to use with your camera is based on the particular arrangement. For instance, consider choosing a monopod that affixes on the desk, a tiny tripod that can be set on the desk, or some other type that will accurately position the gadget to serve as a webcam.

Power Source

You can simply operate the digital camera on battery power. However, it will probably run out fastly because its power source is not capable of capturing long videos. In case there is no wired power input in your camera, check whether a dummy battery is present that allows you to insert the camera into power.

Capture Device

In case you are utilizing the HDMI output on the gadget, you will require a capture device to link the PC to the camera. Search for an HDMI capture device that links to the PC through USB and can serve as live video.


Are you using the USB connection on the camera? Check with the camera brand to get their webcam software. And in case you are employing a capture device, you can either capture the video in streaming software or utilize the capture device as the video input for the chosen video conferencing app.

How to Employ a DSLR As a Webcam Through Webcam Software

Do you want your camera to serve as a webcam? Then before doing anything else, check whether it comes with a USB output port and whether the brand offers webcam software. You may download the software from the brand’s website or it might have been given with the gadget when you purchased it.

First of all, try hunting on the brand’s website or secure the internet for your specific camera’s webcam software. If the brand presents webcam software, download it and install it on your PC. Afterwards, you can link the PC to the camera through USB with the active software.

Run the brand’s webcam software in the background, and connect the camera through USB. The PC will identify the camera as a capture device. Afterwards, streamline the software or launch your video conferencing app. Pick your camera as a video input.

Note that in case there is no third-party solution and your camera brand does not offer webcam software, it is impossible for your camera to serve as a USB webcam. The particular procedure to set up a normal camera as a webcam varies depending on the brand. However, you will follow the same essential steps. This is a procedure example if you own a Canon EOS Rebel T6:

  1. First of all, download and install the webcam software. In case the webcam software installer tells you to reboot the PC, ensure to do that before going to the next step.
  2. Link the camera to the PC through USB.
  3. Activate the video mode on your camera, and switch on the gadget.
  4. Launch your streaming software or video conferencing app.
  5. Go to the video input settings.
  6. Choose your camera model from the list of sources.

Success! Your digital camera is serving as a webcam now.

How to Utilize a Normal Camera As a Webcam Through HDMI

In case your camera lacks a USB data port or a webcam software, but contains an HDMI port to output complete video, get a capture device. These devices grab a video input through HDMI and output data to the PC through USB. The incoming video from the capture device can afterwards be utilized rather than output to streaming software, a webcam, or recorded.

Read these instructions to know how to employ a DSLR as a webcam with a capture device:

  1. Insert the HDMI cable in the digital camera.
  2. Link the HDMI cable to the capture device.
  3. Insert the capture device into the USB port on the PC.
  4. Activate the video mode on your camera and switch on your camera.
  5. Launch your video conferencing app or streaming software.
  6. Choose USB Video as the video source.

That’s all. Your digital camera is acting as a webcam.


Can webcams be used as security cameras?

Yes, owing to the iSpy software, webcams can serve as security cameras.

Which digital cameras can double as webcams?

The majority of digital cameras with a USB port and a video mode can operate as webcams. Some camera models integrate with Skype and Zoom, which means you don’t have to hop on any other extra software.

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