How to Use Canon Camera Without Battery – Alternative Tactics

Imagine you’re shooting in an ideal location but your camera battery suddenly runs out. What if there is no camera charger or means to charge your precious Canon camera in that situation?

Well, you’re not alone. Many Canon users have suffered the consequences of losing their charger. Although this can create hurdles in getting the ideal shot, it is not the end of the world. Some alternative methods exist to deliver power to the Canon camera. And in this guide, we will show you how to use Canon camera without battery.

Ahead, you will find practical and straightforward tricks to charge your Canon camera when there is no charger in sight.

How to Use Canon Camera Without Battery?

Three foolproof methods exist to employ your Canon camera without a charger. These are mentioned in bullet points below:

  • Via an electronic wall plug
  • Via a power bank
  • Via a computer

Before trying any of these methods, you have to ensure whether or not your Canon camera model comes with a USB port. Many methods can only work if a USB port is available. But this is hardly an obstacle because USB ports are now traditional on the latest models. However, it won’t do you harm to double check.

1. With An Electronic Wall Plug

In case your Canon camera did not come with a power cord, the one you select needs to be compatible with your camera model. Your Canon camera must have a USB charging cable or a tiny power adapter, based on the model. So for this method, you need to have a suitable sized replacement cable and an USB adapter for the electric wall plug.

In case your charger is lost, it is possible to employ the wall socket to charge your camera. Just utilize a USB wall converter to transform the port and an appropriate cable to attach with the camera. This will gain electricity for the gadget. 


Follow these instructions:

  1. Switch off the Canon camera
  2. Find the USB port and plug it in the cord, after discarding the rubber cover
  3. Locate the electrical outlet and plug the USB wall adapter
  4. Join the cord to the adapter
  5. You’ll know the gadget is charging when an orange LED light shows
  6. Discard the cord when the charging is full. This is indicated by the green LED light.

It takes 3 to 4 hours to fully charge your camera with the above-mentioned strategy. This method is only practical with a USB wall adapter.

2. With A Power Bank

Yes, a power bank is also useful for charging your Canon camera. It’s a straightforward yet time-consuming technique. It is simple as it doesn’t demand a wall outlet. The method requires a USB cable and a charged power bank.

Power banks can be employed without any power outlets. You only need to have a USB connector. Remember that your power bank needs to have adequate power in order to charge your camera smoothly. Ideally, pick a power bank with a capacity of 30,000 mAh as this is sufficient for Canon models.


Follow these steps:

  1. Switch off the camera
  2. Keep the power bank and camera side by side and link them via a USB cord.
  3. Switch on the power bank
  4. Observe your camera LED lights or any other indicator that the camera has picked up charging
  5. Once the camera is charged, disconnect from the USB cord

See the back of the camera for any light. Red blinking light is shown on the low battery and solid green light indicates that it is currently charging. 4 hours are sufficient for your camera to be charged through a power bank. The green light will disappear after the battery is completely charged. Plus, the battery indicator at the top will signify that it is charged.

Which Power Bank Should I Choose?

After confirming that the power bank has sufficient juice to fuel your camera, charge your camera battery to discover how much power it has. This can be accomplished by these steps:

  1. Discard the rechargeable battery of the camera
  2. Learn how many mAhs of energy your battery eats up in the specs. This will ensure the power bank size
  3. For instance, your Canon battery might demand 1,400 mAh. You can just charge your camera battery if you buy a 30,000 mAh power bank

This practical method is a good charging idea if the first one didn’t work out in your favor.

3. With the Computer

Officially, Canon is skeptical about this. They advise against this in some places, whereas they encourage it in other content. But prior to doing anything, you need to understand the specs and potential hazards of your camera model.

Some cameras support charging the PC, but some don’t. It demands the most time to charge a camera battery through your computer. It is important to confirm that the camera can be charged with this tactic as particular devices, like mirrorless cameras and DSLRs, require more juice. And this won’t work for such models.

But if you own a Canon point and shoot camera, this method is suitable. Going through the steps that came with your camera is a great idea to confirm.


  1. Insert the battery in your camera
  2. Since some models don’t charge if the memory card is not inserted, ensure that you have one
  3. Switch off the camera as it might not charge if it is turned on
  4. Link the camera to the PC through a USB cord. Discard the rubber cover that hides the camera cable connections.
  5. Join the power cable (that comes in the camera package) with the camera cord connection point.
  6. Link the wire to a USB port on the PC.

During charging, there might be a light on the connecting site that will show light. It might need 3 hours to charge. And after it is completely charged, the light will disappear.

Last Words

After reading this helpful guide, you will be able to charge your Canon DSLR without any charger. Since charging via the PC is too time-consuming, having an additional power bank is your best bet.

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