How to Connect Canon Camera To iPhone – A Complete Guide

Do you wish to capture images remotely on your Canon DSLR through the smartphone? Well then consider yourself lucky because this guide shares how to work the Canon Camera Connect App, which permits you to wirelessly control the digital camera and snap pictures remotely.

This all-rounder app also enables you to download pictures stored on the camera and adjust its settings. You should know that the Canon Camera Connect App is compatible with the following:

  • PowerShot
  • Eos
  • And Vixia cameras

So without further ado, let’s learn how to connect Canon camera to iPhone.

How to Connect Canon Camera With the Canon Connect App

Prior to using the Canon Camera Connect App, establish the gadget for the pairing. This process initiates on the gadget, and then it is completed via the smartphone. In case the app is not downloaded on your smartphone, do it first.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Install the Canon Camera Connect App on your smartphone. If you are an iPhone user, install the app here.
  2. Switch on the Canon gadget and click on the Menu button.
  3. Go to the Configuration page and choose NFC/Wi-fi. In case the Canon camera supports Bluetooth, choose that feature instead. The Bluetooth pairing leads to minimal communication delay between your iPhone and camera.
  4. Choose Enable.
  5. Now, press OK. On some Canon camera models, you might have to choose Wi-Fi.
  6. Type a nickname for the gadget and choose OK. Again, some models might need you to choose Connect to Smartphone.
  7. Tap on OK.
  8. At this stage, choose the WiFi function.
  9. Now, choose Connect to Smartphone if you want to implement a password or customize the Wi-Fi network
  10.  Choose Easy Connection. Some models will present just Connect at this step.
  11. On your smartphone, launch the WiFi settings and go to the camera Wi-Fi connection.
  12. Link them both just like you connect to a wireless network. See your gadget for the WiFi network password.
  13. Launch the Camera Connect App on your smartphone and choose the Canon camera to finish the pairing process.
  14. In case the connection is established, the LCD screen on the gadget will automatically switch off.

The app will showcase the notice Connected to Camera.

How to Employ the Canon Camera Connect Remote Shooting Feature

Once your Canon camera is connected to the Canon Camera Connect App on the smartphone, you will be able to shoot remotely. Pictures captured by this mode are saved on the gadget.

However, users can utilize the app to download and see content on their smartphone. Simply ensure that they are properly linked. Open the Canon Camera Connect App and you are set:

  1. Launch the Canon Camera Connect App and click on Remote live view shooting.
  2. The smartphone will showcase a live view from the Canon camera. Click on the big circle icon to capture an image. In case the picture is not focused, you can manually adjust it by clicking on various areas of the live camera view.
  3. Based on the mode of your Canon camera, click on the choices in the lower right corner of the LCD screen to manually adjust stuff, such as focus and white balance.

That’s all.¬†

How to Interact With Pictures On Your Camera

The app can see and interact with images saved on the camera. In case you have connected the Canon Camera Connect App on the camera, you are capable of saving, viewing, and erasing pictures from the camera through the smartphone:

  1. Launch the Canon Camera Connect App and choose Images on camera.
  2. Click on the image you wish to download or view.
  3. The image will open on your smartphone. Underneath the image, there will be 5 icons that can be utilized to interact with images. Following are the details of each icon:
  • Trash icon deletes the image.
  • i icon shows information about the image.
  • Share icon shares an image.
  • Download icon downloads the image on the smartphone.
  • Star icon marks an image as favorite
  1. In case you decide to download a picture on the smartphone, download the reduced JPEG file or the original image. Afterwards, click on OK.

That’s it.

More Sneak Peek At the Canon Camera Connect App

Specific digital Canon cameras which support WiFi are also compatible with the Canon Camera Connect App. The main function of the app is to serve as a wireless alternative to tethered remote triggers and controls. It can be employed to capture pictures without mistakenly jostling the gadget after the ideal shot is established.

During the remote live view shooting mode, the camera’s LCD screen turns off, and a live view from the gadget is displayed on the smartphone. The live view mode enables you to adjust settings, such as white balance and focus. Simply capture an image once you are ready.

The other mode enables you to access the images saved on the gadget. This mode allows you to view thumbnails of the images you have captured. After choosing one, make it a favorite, store it on your smartphone, or remove it.

Another mode permits you to access the pictures saved on the camera. The mode allows you to view thumbnails of the images you have captured. After selecting one, set it as a favorite, save it on the smartphone, or remove it.

The Canon Camera Connect App is available for both Android and iOS. As per Canon, the iPhone needs to run on iOS 9.3 or above. Furthermore, the app works on both Bluetooth and WiFi, but it operates better via Bluetooth owing to decreased latency. The smartphone and camera both have to run on Bluetooth 4.0 to employ the Bluetooth connection feature.

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