How to Check Shutter Count on Sony A7III – Ultimate Guide

Many photographers in the field wish to upgrade their present gear in order to boost their photography to the next level. As per seasoned photographers, a camera’s shutter count is a critical factor aside from your skills that determines the final picture.

And by learning the number of shots your shutter takes can allow you to improve your photography techniques. Shutter count is among the most basic factors of Sony cameras. The reason is because it considers all pictures captured by the day’s schedule as well as the pending shots.

The Importance of Shutter Count on Cameras

This function is critical for any camera to work. If many shutters close or open, the images will be inferior. Therefore, it is important to know the amount of shutter closing and opening times on your model.

This gadget also comes with a capture limit which influences the image quality after the limit is crossed. The majority of DSLR cameras have a life expectancy varying from 50,000 to 400,000. Sony A7III proudly stands at 200,000 shutter count. A poor shutter count translates to a short life expectancy. All users want value for money, which is why it is a must to know how to check shutter count on Sony A7III.

How to Check Shutter Count on Sony A7III

There is a shutter limit of 200,000 actuations on Sony A7III which can be checked in simple ways. First of all, third-party websites, such as EXIF data gain information about an image. But the only com is compatibility. Next, the in-built feature in the camera displays life expectancy in minimal clicks.

Knowing the shutter count of your camera is crucial, but not many users know it. Luckily, we have shared two foolproof yet easy methods to discover the life expectancy of your Sony A7III.

The In-built Feature

All of the Sony cameras, especially the Alpha lineup, are equipped with an in-built feature. This enables users to know the shutter count in simple steps, as written below:

  • Switch on your Sony A7III and go to the Menu page.
  • Click on the Info icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Navigate to Camera settings by scrolling down.
  • Tap on Shutter Count.

At this stage, a menu with options will appear to either save, reset, or erase the settings.

Online Tools

As previously mentioned, third-party websites also reveal the shutter count. But sadly, there is only one downside to this tactic – some third-party websites are incompatible with particular RAW files or camera models. This makes it complex for you to utilize. But the process is almost similar for the majority of third-party websites. Follow these instructions:

  • Capture an image on your Sony A7III DSLR camera. It can be in RAW or JPEG file.
  • Upload the unedited picture on your chosen third-party website.
  • Press OK to know the results.

That’s it!

The Shutter Limit for Sony A7III DSLR Camera

What is shutter count? It is a specified number of times the shutter opens in one exposure. The higher the shutter count, the more movement will occur, and vice versa.

As for Sony A7III, its highest shutter count is 200,000. But many users have reported a shutter collapse before even hitting the 10,000 less than the expected lifetime. The early shutter collapse can be a result of a stuck or harmed rear curtain, which causes common errors.

How to Resolve Shutter Actuation on Sony A7III

Is your Sony A7III showing issues in shutter count? You’re not alone, and fortunately, this can be resolved quickly.

First of all, have a look at the battery. In case there is an additional battery, insert it and see if the problem solves. If the shutter count is still not working, go to the next solution.

See whether there is any debris on the camera body or sensor. Even if there isn’t, you should make a habit of cleaning up your camera with a tissue or a clean cloth. As an alternative, get some lubricant to fix a stuck shutter.

Lastly, if you have surpassed the shutter count, it is time to change the lens. This will offer another 200,000 actuations for the gadget. This is a costly solution, but if you have done everything else, the only remaining option is to purchase a new camera, which is more expensive.

How Many Shutter Counts Can Be Stored By Sony A7III?

Are you wondering the number of times shutter counts can be stored in your shiny Sony camera? The sky’s the limit here. But this aspect revolves around the available memory in your camera. Here are the possible ways.

1. Switch off the shutter count feature

Go to the Menu settings in your gadget to do this. You may also erase the feature altogether.

2. Attach an external memory card through a USB

If your internal memory lacks space, transfer some pictures from the SD card to any other device, such as your smartphone or PC. This method is practical and works wonders.

3. Purchase more memory cards

Finally, this is the most obvious solution. Do you plan to capture tons of images with your DSLR camera in the future? It is a great idea to purchase additional storage space so that you never run out!

Last Words

Shutter count is necessary for many different reasons – the most obvious being that it can influence the final result and the gadget behavior while employing particular settings. An in-built feature in Sony cameras facilitates users to check the shutter count lifetime to make conscious decisions.

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