Godox vs. Flashpoint: Which Brand Offers the Best Value for Money

Godox has been rolling out a versatile array of studio photography gear at tempting, affordable pricing. After their impressive introduction of equipment, such as the AD600 Pro, AD400 Pro, and AD200 Pro, more photography fans are switching to them. The AD600 is as remarkable in performance as the upscale Profoto B1, but is being sold at just a mere fraction of the cost.

Plus, with the 2.4GHz enabled strobes, it permits cross platform support for various camera brands, such as M4/3, Canon, Pentax, Sony, Fuji, and Nikon. Godox is among the most detail-oriented radio flash systems currently available in the market. This makes it too good to be true.

However, many customers are getting confused between Godox Vs Flashpoint and wonder whether both of these are the same. Yes, because they are made by the identical parent company, which is known as Godox Photo Equipment Co. Ltd. Today’s guide will unveil the details behind Godox Vs Flashpoint debate.

Who Manufactures Godox?

Godox is a promising brand of lighting systems located in Shenzhen, China. It was established in 1993, and currently, they present a complete variety of lighting equipment. Whatever you desire, Godox will definitely have it in their inventory. Some of their bestsellers are:

  • Control system
  • Continuous lighting
  • Flash trigger
  • Studio flash
  • Camera flash
  • Power supply
  • Flash accessories

All of Godox lighting systems are designed by adopting the X communication system. Resultantly, compatibility is not an issue with using them. Godox have won the hearts of many seasoned photographers by making top-rated lighting equipment at cheap prices.

But don’t allow the budget-friendly price tag fool you as their offerings have the same outcomes as the elite Profoto flashes. This is the reason why so many photographers are now buying their products.

Who Manufactures Flashpoint?

Godox allows other distributors to rebrand their offerings in varying countries. The Flashpoint variant of Godox products is sold by a best-in-class retailer known as Adorama situated in New York. They boast amazing customer service. In case their products have been in your radar for some time, don’t waste your time and just go for it.

But in the UK and Canada, you are more likely to get your hands on Godox products under the brand name Pixapro. It also enables another Chinese marketing and distributing company known as Neewer to sell their equipment. This company does not engage in the manufacturing procedure.

Godox Vs Flashpoint – Which One Should You Invest In?

Prior to delving into comprehensive details, here is a brief comparison chart:

WarrantyOffers USA warrantyDoesn't offer USA warranty
DistributorOnly AdoramaDifferent companies in different countries
Customer serviceVery responsive, great service, and enables quick replacementRarely responds to complaints
AddressNew York, USAShenzhen, China
Product StockSome equipment doesn't have Flashpoint variantParent company has all gear available under Godox branding
Product originSells non-Godox equipment under Flashpoint brandingAll products are made by Godox

In case you are hunting for affordable strobes and flashes, the names of Flashpoint and Godox must be familiar to you. Both of their products are kinda similar. But the question is whether they are the same.

Flashpoint is a Godox brand created and aimed at the American market, which is distributed by Adorama. This means that they manufacture the same items. The perk you get while living in America is that you will be given customer service and warranty through Adorama rather than waiting for support directly from Godox in China. 

This is a simple way to explain the differences. Here are more details:

Product Availability

Oftentimes, whenever you hunt for a Godox product online, the equivalent Flashpoint variant equipment will be displayed from the Adorama website. But this is not a one-to-one mapping. Some Godox gear comes without any Flashpoint variant. For instance, some of the Godox AC-powered strobe series are not present under Flashpoint branding but are instead sold as Godox on the official Adorama website, as DP600III.

Again, not all Flashpoint gear is made by Godox. They sell items from other brands as well employing the same brand name. Therefore, if you are unable to find a Flashpoint variant, you should consider ordering the default one from other retailers, like the following:

  • Samy’s Camera
  • B&H
  • Procam Photo and Video Gear
  • Midwest Photo

Among these options, B&H is a high-quality retailer boasting impeccable customer service.

Customer Service

Users should not expect Godox to reply to complaints in emails. Many customers are dissatisfied with their customer service. This means that if you are not residing in America, it is a wise choice to directly purchase from American based retail companies, such as B&H, Adorama, and other companies mentioned previously.

But the two most trustworthy places to invest in Godox manufactured items are Adorama and B&H. Both of these high-rated retail companies. Both of these companies were established at the same time. Not only this, their headquarters are located in New York. Plus, their functioning is similar because both of them resell photography gear in all countries.

But B&H sells the default Godox items while Adorama sells the Flashpoint branded variant. In simple words, it is the identical hardware under varying branding.


Based on the gear, Adorama presents 1 to 3 years of warranty for Flashpoint equipment while B&H will offer you just 1 year of warranty. Moreover, the B&H manages the warranty and all other operations in-house via their customer relations department.

Plenty of customers prefer their Square Trade Drop and Spill warranty over Flashpoint as they sell those warranties but do not honor their equipment. Remember that Godox products do not come with a warranty for their items in the USA because their origin is from China. Therefore, if you want a USA warranty on the Flashpoint variants, they will not cover the drop and spill warranty.

But in order to avail the drop and spill warranty, directly buy from B&H. Another thing you can do is purchase them via Amazon as they will be managing the replacement and warranty matters.


It is time to uncover the Flashpoint and Godox compatibility. Since both of them are manufactured by one parent company, it means modifiers for one can also work for the other.

Professional photographers admire the full compatibility in the complete Godox ecosystem. From the bigger cordless TTL to the remote manual speed lights, and AC powered studio strobes, they all operate ideally. However, some of the previous models of flash triggers do not support the latest series.

Flashpoint Support

Till far, you know that Flashpoint is Godox for the American market and is supported and supplied by Adorama. This means that if you reside in America or in its vicinity, it is advised to buy Flashpoint equipment rather than Godox. This way, customers can enjoy service, warranty, and support directly from Adorama.

Whether you have to return an item for services or replacement, or if a product breaks, Adorama will be a much quicker option instead of waiting for Godox to replace or service the item from China.

Godox Support

In case you reside in Asia, buying Godox gear is a better choice. As Godox is manufactured in China, replacement or service of the equipment also goes through China. And if you are geographically in proximity to China, you can experience improved customer service.

But if you try to get an item replaced or fixed by Godox directly outside Asia, you will probably wait for months solely for shipping. Yes, there are authorized resellers and service centers for Godox in other countries, but they have restricted services and stock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any difference between the Flashpoint EVOLV 200 vs Godox AD200?

Godox AD200 is simply rebranded as Flashpoint EVOLV 200 under Adorama. This model is an off-camera 200W cordless flash with a built-in 2.4GHz X system radio receiver. A hot shoe mount is not added, which means that you will require a trigger, such as Godox X1T to control it.

In case you have employed AA powered camera flashes previously, you will be surprised by its incredible recycling times. 0.01 second recycling time is offered by the Li-ion battery at the lowest power to 2.1 seconds at complete power.

What is the difference between the Godox AD600 vs Flashpoint XPLOR 600?

These are identical flash under two different brand names. Godox equipment is getting resold in America as a Flashpoint variant. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about their compatibility. A modifier for one will operate on the other, given that the user is utilizing the appropriate mount like Godox or Bowens.

Final Words

After reading the complete Godox Vs Flashpoint comparison guide, Flashpoint is the Godox rebrand from the American based company Adorama. For customer service and warranty, you can purchase the Flashpoint variant from Adorama. They offer a better warranty as opposed to the other retailers in the market.

But customers are more satisfied with B&H’s drop and spill warranty, and customer service. As an alternative method, you can purchase from Amazon as they independently tackle warranty and customer service.

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